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On behalf of the entire Nakoma Sky team, it is with sincere regret that Nakoma Sky is no longer feasible to construct under today’s conditions. These conditions include severe workforce shortages, rapidly increasing costs of construction materials and supply shortages. This situation has made it impossible to obtain a guaranteed maximum price for the project. We wish to thank all of our Depositors and the community for your interest in this unique retirement community.  Your commitment, patience and understanding for all of us at Nakoma Sky is truly commendable and appreciated.

Our offices will remain open and our entire Nakoma Sky team will be available for some time into the future to speak with you. If you have any questions, please call Tim Carmichael at 520-531-3481.

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Our full-service lifestyle is focused on a secure plan for the future. With our Living Well Coach, we will encourage you to get the most out of life without worrying about the future.

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