Posada Life Foundation.


The Posada Life Foundation offers residents the opportunity to create a lasting legacy, and to support the programs and activities of our community.

As a part of the Posada Life family and its not-for-profit mission, Nakoma Sky is committed to respecting the personal priorities of each individual, and being available to discuss the financial challenges that life can present. Whatever your situation, we can serve as a sounding board to discuss potential solutions.

We place a high value on the integrity of a donor’s wishes. You can feel confident that your philanthropy will be used for the purpose you intend.

In fact, a La Posada resident who wholeheartedly believes in Nakoma Sky and the everyday service our staff provides, recently made a $50,000 donation to the Nakoma Sky scholarship fund.

If you want to learn more about the Posada Life Foundation, or would like to discuss it with Foundation vice president Mark Dugan, fill out the form on this page.

Look at the wide variety of projects residents have helped fund with their donations (PDF).