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September 16, 2017 Looking into North Parking area and current cactus garden,
September 16, 2017. From West Parking Garage looking Northeast 9/16/2017



Looking East but panning South to North
September 16, 2017

September 16, 2017 Looking Southeast toward Home Depot on 1st & Oracle. This area is where buildings 2, 3 & 4 are located
Main area from Nakoma Knoll, looking NE

The Nakoma Sky Journey Begins. . .Join Us!


January 10, 2018

This drone video marks the first in an ongoing series of flyovers that will be controlled using GPS coordinates.  The coordinates will be used to locate areas of interest on each side of the construction site and will be used each flight so easier comparisons from one time period to the next can be made.


The video is taken at a height of 300 feet.  We will be adjusting to a lower height in subsequent videos so that details of the construction can be more easily seen.  The video is a bit choppy due to the need to fly the video to each GPS coordinate.  The video and flight quality will improve now that the coordinates are known.  The height of the video will vary with the evolution of construction.

The flight path works counter clockwise around the construction site, meaning, the video will be shot from the East side of the campus, moving North, then it will turn East, but fly along the West side of the building going South, then end as it flies from North to South out through the main road into the campus.


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