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Meet the Architect Event Synopsis

On Wednesday evening, August 5th, the Nakoma Sky team was thrilled to have our initial Meet the Architect Meeting to introduce all Priority Members to our esteemed partner: Three: Living Architecture. The evening proved to be very helpful in gaining an overview of the conceptual design plan our architects have been striving to accomplish over the past several months for Nakoma Sky.

Gary Koerner, principal architect for Three: Living Architecture, provided a bird’s eye view of how the revised planning and development conceptual plan for Nakoma Sky has moved from the conceptual design to a schematic design, greatly improving upon our initial master plan. The staff of Nakoma Sky and Posada Life are pleased that we have significantly improved upon the initial conceptual design and master plan in the following ways:

  • Allowed the natural topography of the site to drive the total development of the entire community design
  • Ensured that indoor/outdoor space would be cutting edge design and would foster an active lifestyle
  • Crafted a true “resort approach” which provides environments for enjoyment both day and night.
  • Designed more open air and space movement throughout the entire building structure.
  • Reduced the buildings’ height exposure by 55% so that the main core building is now even less visible from street perspectives.
  • Created better adjacencies in levels of living to make it easier for residents to visit one another within the community. This design also allows us to operate more efficiently.
  • Improved park spaces to ensure plenty of private access to outdoor park spaces for our residents, as well as easy access to a public park on the Nakoma Sky campus.
  • Added additional covered parking to facilitate guest parking.

Three: Living Architecture has 33 years of experience and is known worldwide for designing unique properties that lift the human spirit.